Silk Association Of India | Announcement


1 Establishment 26th oct-2006
2 Founder President  C. Narayanaswamy former M P  & Sericulturist
3 Founder Vice President V. Balasubramanian IAS, Former Additional Chief Secretary GOK & Former Member Secretary of Central Silk Board
4 Anti-dumping duty issue in the year 2006 Fought for levying of anti-dumping duty on China silk imported to India. As a result, GOI agreed to continue anti-dumping duty up to 2009
5 Implementation Seed Act 2009 SAI office bearers organized several meetings with concerned departments for proper implementation of the Central Seed Act.
6 Organized National Seminar on 20 the JAN 2009 To understand the problems and to come out with solutions organized a National seminar at the Institute of Engineers Bangalore to inviting subject experts and all stakeholders of Silk Industry
7 Organized meetings to stop hand over of land at Okalipuram Organized several meetings with Secretariat Government Karnataka to stop handover of Okalipuram land (Partial) to KSRTC Department  and convinced the Government, not to handover and Government agreed to retain it for sericulture activities 
8 Proposal of Shifting of Department of Sericulture during 2010 SAI organized several rounds of meetings with Government and succeeded in convincing not to shift Sericulture Department to Mysore
9 Efforts to enforce 2nd moult chawki distribution SAI requested both DOS & CSB and had a meeting with both the departments to enforce 2nd moult worms distribution to farmers from all Chawki Rearing Centers. Because of efforts, more than 98% of the chawki centers started distribution of 2nd moult larvae to the farmers.
10 Organized Sericulture study tours SAI members visited Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh to know the problems of stakeholders and written letters to concerned departments of TN & AP to draw the attention and to take necessary actions.
11 Stopping merger of sericulture department with the agriculture department (2015) Succeeded to stop merging the sericulture department with agriculture department after had a successful meeting with Chief Minister Hon'ble Siddaramaiah
12 Field visits (2016) Visited Ramanagara farmer gardens and ARMs to study the field problems
13 Organized meetings to the revival of PSFA (2018 /19) Organized meetings with Secretary Horticulture & sericulture demanded to revive PSFA cocoon stabilization fund, revive KSMB activities,  to strengthen KSSRDI Thalagattapura 
14 Organized State Level Seminar (23-8-2019) with the theme Problems and Prospectus of Karnataka Sericulture To understand the problems of Karnataka Sericulture and to come out with solutions organized a State level seminar at KASSIA Auditorium Bangalore inviting Administrates, subject experts and all stakeholders of the Silk Industry.
15 Merger of Sericulture Associations with SAI To provide brad base RSPs and CRCs associations are official as been merged with Silk Association of India
16 Organized Meeting with Director, Dept. of Sericulture, Tamil Nadu (1-11-2019) To apprise about the activities and its involvement in the development of sericulture on request of Tamil Nadu Govt. SAI has been participated in the meeting and taken stock of the present situation and discussed the possibility of organizing a seminar with the stakeholders.


Silk Association of India (SAl), is a voluntary organization registered under the Karnataka Societies Act, 1960, in the year 2006.


Silk Association of India, 12, Govindappa Rd, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

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